This is my view of the male body, masculinity and uninhibited confidence.

What is Uninhibited Confidence?  It can be a man’s unapologetic display of himself.  But it’s also found in those everyday moments when a guy isn’t thinking of how he measures up and his natural sex appeal comes through. Like when he’s standing in only a t-shirt deciding what shorts to slip on, relaxed on the couch completely oblivious to how the light drapes across his body, or stretched across his bed after a good workout.  This is what I look for in the men I photograph.

Through my lens, you are in a room with some of the most ruggedly handsome men from Texas, LA and other parts of the world.  What you see is up to the model.  How you see it… art? editorial? filth? …is your call.

One last note…

The more innocent side of my work is posted here and on my social media. Uninhibited imagery and video is on my OnlyFans page.

I am based in Austin, Texas but travel often to Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Los Angeles.